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Lima. Part 4


San Isidro and Olive Grove Park Together with Barranco and Miraflores, San Isidro is one of the most developed districts in the city. It’s a prestigious place mostly inhabited by wealthy citizens. Architecturally and culturally, it’s not particularly interesting. The only historic landmark is Huaca Huallamarca, another ancient Indian pyramid, but a smaller one. The rest of the district is made up of tall glass buildings, multi-storey dwelling complexes, and local celebrities’ and attachés’ mansions. The district is considered the financial and diplomatic centre of the capital. Its status is proved by the fact that it’s here that the main offices [...]

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Lima. Part 3


Lima Beaches The coastline of Lima and its surroundings is over 3,000 km long, but it’s almost impossible to swim here. Who’s to blame? The above-mentioned cold Humboldt Current. There are some exceptions though: a few beaches in the northern part of the suburbs, which the warm El Niño current flows by. But even these places are only comfortable to swim at certain times of the year. Moreover, the Pacific Ocean is unquiet near Lima. High waves rise here all the time, which makes the waters unsafe for swimming. However, the coast is popular with surfers. We often saw people in [...]

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Lima. Part 2


Climate Lima is located in a tropical zone, so we expected warm weather and occasional showers. But the climate is unique in the capital: it’s a tropical desert! It rains here almost as rarely as in the Sahara. The city’s coast is washed by the cold Humboldt Current, starting from the shores of Antarctica, while the other part of the city is covered by mountain ranges creating a kind of a shield. That’s why the humidity level in Lima is really very high, but instead of abundant precipitation, low thick clouds often hover over the capital. We noticed this feature of [...]

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Lima. Part 1


The next stop in our journey around Latin America was Peru, the cradle of the ancient Inca civilization, a country with incredible history and magnificent natural landmarks. We decided to stay in Lima, as it’s easier to study the culture and feel the rhythm of local life living in the capital. We usually spend a month in every city. But getting ready for the trip, we read a lot about Lima and figured that there was, presumably, not much to do there, so we decided two weeks would be more than enough for a visit to the capital. After Uruguay, we [...]

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Costa Rica. Part 3


San Jose - the capital of Costa Rica Even though we decided not to live in San Jose, we still decided to set some time aside for a visit. After all, a country’s capital is the center of its life and culture. This was when we first experienced the unpredictable local weather. We drove in wearing t-shirts and shorts, since it was a clear, warm day. But people in San Jose, which was only an hour’s drive away, were wearing jackets - it was rather cold outside. The temperature suddenly dropped to 13-14 degrees, which we never expected, so we got [...]

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Costa Rica. Part 2


Leisure with children First, we tried to hire a babysitter for the children, but we quickly realized that it was almost impossible. No one wanted to move out of the city away into the forest. So, we took care of the boy ourselves, always coming up with different forms of entertainment. The boys loved it in the new house. This was their first house without a bathtub, so we bought plastic tubs, where Robert and Michael Jr. could splash around gleefully. https://youtu.be/xr9liLlKmww It was around this time that their interest in music reached new levels. We gathered all the pots, [...]

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Costa Rica. Part 1


While planning our travels, we tried to keep up with the summer, so we continued to go south. And so, our next stop was Costa Rica - one of the greenest countries in the world. As we get to a new country, we often stop in the capital so we can immerse ourselves deeper into local culture. But the idea of settling in San Jose, one of the top 10 most polluted and ugliest capitals in the world, didn’t sound great. At first, we thought of living by the sea, and we were even choosing between cities on the Caribbean and [...]

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Our departure from Cyprus. Part 2


“Kindergarten is Too Late” by Masaru Ibuka (a co-founder of Sony) is a book that influenced our concept of parenting greatly. He described an interesting theory suggesting that a person’s main abilities and talents develop during the first three years of their life[...]

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Troodos. Part 3


Waterfalls, Skiing, and Rural Food When in Cyprus, don’t miss the opportunity to go to waterfalls. They are just stunning and definitely worth seeing. The most famous ones are 15-metre (50-foot) Millomeris, splendid Caledonia, abundant Chantara. All of them are located quite high in the mountains, where plants - pinewoods, quaint bushes - grow with wild exuberance. To reach the waterfalls, you need to go along the mountain paths on foot which takes up about an hour. However, time passes rapidly thanks to the opportunity to savour the magnificent breath-taking mountain views with juicy grass, enormous boulders, and mountain brooks. We [...]

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How we treated a rare disease in Cyprus: Kawasaki disease. Part 2


When we came to hospital, we were first put into a general ward with four other kids. Michael Jr was put on a drip with saline and antibiotic. He felt so bad by the time that he could only groan quietly. Nervous Helen couldn’t leave him even for a minute and stayed by his side all the time. The doctors tried to settle on the diagnosis and suggested everything, including the banal flu, but they weren’t able to make up their mind. They said that they need at least five days from the beginning of an illness to make a precise [...]

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