6 July 2019|

Lello Bookstore Visiting Porto, we certainly couldn’t help dropping into the famous Lello Bookstore. Not only is it famous due to its connection to the creation of the Harry Potter books, but also because it’s one of the oldest bookshops in the country. A magnificent facade, sophisticated interior design, a bright-red staircase, pelmets, a coloured stained glass ceiling… It's a [...]

Porto. Part 2

2 July 2019|

The São Bento railway station is situated near the city hall. It dates from the late 19th century. The building is neoclassical in style and is famous for its interior, and a large number of incredible azulejo tiles specifically. The [...]

Porto. Part 1

25 June 2019|

Porto is the north capital of Portugal located on a bank of the Douro River emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a port city crammed with picturesque streets, where charming colourful houses with tiled roofs are interlaced with monumental representatives [...]


26 May 2019|

Sintra is a unique place full of castles, landmarks, and various antiquities. It’s a resort town that used to be popular among Portuguese monarchs, which is why it’s crammed with palaces, villas, and other royal residences. The Palace of Sintra [...]


15 May 2019|

One of the main things that we intended to do in Portugal was to see the ocean. Since Lisbon lies on the River Tagus that empties into the Atlantic Ocean, we had to go further west to get to the [...]

Lisbon. Part 3

9 May 2019|

Oceanarium and Zoo Lisbon has a huge oceanarium, which is one of the most outstanding ones in the world. It’s a large complex, where you can easily spend all day. When we got there, our babies were just mesmerized. The [...]

Lisbon. Part 2

5 May 2019|

Old Town is the main landmark of Lisbon. It’s a vast area that consists of several districts. It’s a very authentic, colourful, and historic place. Winding paved narrow streets, bright facades, most of which are decorated with a mosaic of ceramic tiles (azulejo), myriads of flower pots looking like gardens [...]

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