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19 November 2018|

When we came to hospital, we were first put into a general ward with four other kids. Michael Jr was put on a drip with saline and antibiotic. He felt so bad by the time that he could only groan quietly. Nervous Helen couldn’t leave him even for a minute and stayed by his side all the time. The doctors [...]


24 September 2018|

Two babies mean double happiness. It’s even scary to remember that we could have lost them before their birth were it not for regular ultrasound scans. Helen’s pregnancy started with severe toxicosis because of which she felt very bad and [...]

Our beginning. Part 2

24 September 2018|

A New Home While our sons were in hospital, we were searching for a house for them to grow up in. We wanted to live near the sea and at the same time not far from the hospital, because we [...]