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14 August 2019|

10 August 2019|

Puerta del Sol – the Place Where All Spanish Roads Start All roads lead to the Puerta del Sol. When you walk around Madrid, it’s just impossible to dodge it – sooner or later, you come to the square. The main square of the capital, whose name can be translated as “Gate of the Sun”, is situated in the heart [...]



15 May 2019|

One of the main things that we intended to do in Portugal was to see the ocean. Since Lisbon lies on the River Tagus that empties into the Atlantic Ocean, we had to go further west to get to the [...]


Lisbon. Part 3

9 May 2019|

Lisbon has a huge oceanarium, which is one of the most outstanding ones in the world. It’s a large complex, where you can easily spend all day. When we got there, our babies were just mesmerized. The interior of the oceanarium is truly grand. There are high three-people-tall aquariums in the form of huge wide[...]


Lisbon. Part 2

5 May 2019|

Old Town is the main landmark of Lisbon. It’s a vast area that consists of several districts. It’s a very authentic, colourful, and historic place. Winding paved narrow streets, bright facades, most of which are decorated with a mosaic of ceramic tiles (azulejo), myriads of flower pots looking like gardens [...]


Lisbon. Part 1

1 May 2019|

When we made up our mind to continue travelling, we chose Central and South America for our next grand journey and started to map it out. However, it made sense to wait till autumn, when it’s getting cold in Europe, and flee to warmer countries then. We left Cyprus in August, so we had a couple of months for [...]


Our departure from Cyprus. Part 2

23 April 2019|

“Kindergarten is Too Late” by Masaru Ibuka (a co-founder of Sony) is a book that influenced our concept of parenting greatly. He described an interesting theory suggesting that a person’s main abilities and talents develop during the first three years of their life[...]


Our departure from Cyprus. Part 1

24 March 2019|

Little by little, the boys were growing older, and we realized that we can get back to travelling around the world. Of course, we understood that we wouldn’t be able to travel as easily and freely as we used to [...]

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Hello there! We’re Michael & Helen, and our twin boys Michael Jr. & Robert. We love travels. We’ve been on the go our entire lives, and it’s our choice not to have a single place to call home. Instead, we travel every month to a new city, exploring the world, the cultures, the cuisines. Every month we decide upon our next destination and head for a new place that will be our home for this period.

Our travels changed us a lot and now we love how our kids too evolve during our journeys. Life on the move unites us: we learn to adapt to new situations and rely on each other more and more.

We would love to share stories of our travels around the globe, and we hope that you’ll be inspired to explore the world on your own together with your family. Our stories will show you how fun it is, no matter how small the kids are. So, take the trip together with us via this blog!

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