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How we treated a rare disease in Cyprus: Kawasaki disease. Part 2


When we came to hospital, we were first put into a general ward with four other kids. Michael Jr was put on a drip with saline and antibiotic. He felt so bad by the time that he could only groan quietly. Nervous Helen couldn’t leave him even for a minute and stayed by his side all the time. The doctors tried to settle on the diagnosis and suggested everything, including the banal flu, but they weren’t able to make up their mind. They said that they need at least five days from the beginning of an illness to make a precise [...]

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How we treated a rare disease in Cyprus: Kawasaki disease. Part 1


When Michael Jr was 18 months old, he got seriously ill – it was Kawasaki disease. Our family had to go through a lot of suffering, but having defeated the disease, we got a grave experience and can give others a detailed account of it now. It’s a dangerous and severe disease that is often mistaken for a common URTI and treated the same way, therefore serious complications arise then which a person suffers from through the whole life. Furthermore, we had a chance to see in all detail how medical services are organized in Cyprus and how qualified local doctors [...]

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Two babies mean double happiness. It’s even scary to remember that we could have lost them before their birth were it not for regular ultrasound scans. Helen’s pregnancy started with severe toxicosis because of which she felt very bad and could barely walk. We didn’t pay much attention to it, as it’s common for pregnant women to feel sick in the beginning of their pregnancy. When Helen was 12 weeks pregnant, we found out during her screening (a detailed ultrasound test) that we were going to have twins. It’s hard to explain what we felt after hearing the news. We were [...]


Our beginning. Part 2


A New Home While our sons were in hospital, we were searching for a house for them to grow up in. We wanted to live near the sea and at the same time not far from the hospital, because we would have to go there quite often in the beginning. Besides, we needed a fully furnished house equipped with necessary furniture and home appliances. At first, we thought about returning to Limassol, but then it became clear that we would have to go the hospital in Nicosia frequently in the first months of the babies’ lives, and it would be tough [...]

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Our beginning. Part 1


Our way of life can’t be called ordinary. We’re travellers. We explore new cities, staying one month in each one. Another month – another city. And that’s the way we’ve been living for many years. At the beginning of our life together, when there were just two of us, we realized that travelling is our vocation. Within several years, we managed to travel around the whole of Europe and considerable part of Asia. Having gained enough experience in travel organization, we decided we were ready to have a baby. We didn’t intend to change our usual nomadic life. We could easily [...]

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