Public Transport

You can move around the city by bus or taxi. By the way, Uber is available here, but it has certain limitations. Several years ago, you were able to go to any part of Cancun using Uber. But city taxi drivers began to complain to the police. Uber drivers were literally caught and fined because they had no licence.

The company paid all fines for its employees, but when losses from fines became higher than profits, it was decided to divide the city. Hotelera is currently served by the local taxi company only, while Uber works in the non-tourist area, and it works really well — the cars arrive quickly, and the prices are low.

Another option is to travel by big city buses. They are cheap and circulate frequently. You can reach any part of the city (up to the 20th km of Zona Hotelera) for about a dollar. There’s only one problem: too many stops. Thus a trip takes too much time.

общественный транспорт канкуна

At first we intended to explore the city on foot, but it turned out to be a tough task. While European cities have everything handy, the distance between shops, beaches, landmarks is quite long in Cancun. The city was built during mass motorization, which is probably why the pedestrian infrastructure is rather poor here. For example, sometimes you need to go over a kilometre to reach the nearest pedestrian crossing. Local citizens cross the road almost everywhere. And we gradually got used to local road rules too.

канкун мексика

However, after spending a couple of days in the area, we realized that it was hard to live in the city without a car. We decided to rent a car, and it made our life so much easier as we could freely go to shopping malls, beaches and do sightseeing without using the services of travel companies.

Cancun Beaches

twins on the beach

Cancun beaches are just incredible. We were mesmerized by the soft snow-white sand and the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. We had never seen such beauty before. Each beach has its own name. For example, there are the Turtle Beach, the Snail Beach, etc. However, it’s much more convenient to use the number of a kilometre to get your bearings.

On the map you can see that the first four kilometres of the sandspit are fully protected from wind and currents thanks to the island of Isla Mujeres situated nearby. So these beaches are perfect for recreation with children.

The water is warm and has no waves here, though there’s seaweed. The farther along the sandspit you go, the more unquiet the sea gets. Since the boys liked playing in the sand more than swimming, we preferred to visit the beaches between the 8th and the 12th km. The water is very clean here, and the waves are not dangerous, though they can be fairly large. The beaches located farther away appeal to surfers. The high waves found here are ideal for surfing.

The sand is soft and thick on the beaches. We bought children’s spades and a big shovel at once, and when we came to the beach, we dug sort of a large pool where the boys could play for hours in a row.

It’s curious that despite the excellent weather the beaches were rarely crowded. Most tourists preferred to stay at the hotel relaxing by the pool.

The only problem we faced was access to the sea. The coastline is so densely built up with hotels that there are almost no passages. Most Cancun beaches are public by law, but you can get there only through the territory of some hotel. And most hotel security guards don’t let strangers aiming for the beach in.

пляжи канкуна

Strange but a large lake formed between the mainland and the sandspit after the construction of bridges is not used in any way. We saw someone driving a motor boat and a water scooter there a couple of times, but mostly no one takes an interest in the lake.

Interactive Aquarium Cancun

аквариум канкун

A visit to the oceanarium was a real adventure for our boys. It’s a well-arranged place in the centre of Hotelera.