Christmas in Vienna. Part 3


Vienna is a very festive and elegant city. There’s a key difference between Vienna and Saint Petersburg that also impresses thousands of people with its beauty and grandeur. When you are walking around Saint Petersburg getting amazed at the luxury of the buildings on central streets

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Christmas in Vienna. Part 2


The first thing we do coming to a new city is walking along the streets to get a taste of it, feel its spirit and atmosphere. After that, we switch to other things such as visiting museums, concerts, performances, and so on.

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Christmas in Vienna. Part 1


It was a year since our boys had been born. Christmas was coming. We yearned to get out of Cyprus and finally visit a new country. And surely we wanted to have a jolly unforgettable Christmas. We wanted to make it special. Christmas decorations are all around the cities and countries during the time, and Cyprus is not an exception, but it's decorated far less luxuriously than Central European countries. We thought everything over and settled on Vienna, the capital of Austria, as our Xmas destination. It was to be our first journey together. The city is known for its fabulous [...]

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