Walks with Kids

The first thing we do coming to a new city is walking along the streets to get a taste of it, feel its spirit and atmosphere. After that, we switch to other things such as visiting museums, concerts, performances, and so on.

That’s why we spent a couple of days before and after Christmas strolling around Vienna and exploring it in every detail.

Wherever we came, people smiled at our babies and said how adorable they were. It’s all because before the trip we bought them warm winter romper suits that looked like white polar bears.

Apart from that, we had to wrap them before every walk, as we were afraid that they could get ill due to a rapid change of climate. So they looked very cute during our walks. Only their eyes and cheeks peeped out from the hat and the scarf.

Wrapping them before going out was not an easy task. It was very emotional. The children were not used to so many warm clothes that limited their movements, so they started to wail and freaked out once they saw a hat in our hands. They knew that we were going to dress and wrap them up so they crawled away very quickly (they couldn’t walk yet). When we finally were able to catch them and begin dressing them up, they started to shout and cry. Eventually all this torrent of emotions tired them out and they ended up falling asleep, so we often went walking while they were sleeping in the pram.

After a short dressing fight. The baby is a bit upset because so many clothes considerably limit his movements

But when we came back home and could finally take all the layers of clothes off them, the boys were over the moon. They had fun, laughed, ran around, and played – they could move freely and without any restrictions again!

While travelling and strolling around new cities, we always try to pay the boys’ attention to interesting places, landmarks, get them to see as much as possible, and encourage them to socialize with other people.

We don’t want them to travel across the world passively without noticing anything around. We show them interesting places, tell them some curious facts, and draw their attention to certain things so that at least something would stay in their minds. Thus, we make our walks as interactive as possible, which affects their mental and spiritual development positively.

Vienna was full of street musicians during Christmastime, which surprised Michael Jr and Robert greatly. They surely saw them in Cyprus, but it was much more spectacular here. A lot of people played classical instruments – guitars, violins, wind instruments. We even came across orchestras several times! The boys were thrilled and reacted to these street musical performances lively, which let us show them how different instruments look and sound – they had seen them only on pictures and heard only in recordings before.

One of the fun evening walks in the Christmas Vienna. Passers-by are delighted – kids and dad too!

We ordered the pram that we carried our babies in on the Internet before the trip. We continued using it later taking it to all our journeys, as it turned out to be very light and convenient. Compared to our previous pram that weighed 23 kilos and was a true wheeled tank, this one was really light. It weighed just 11 kilos together with wheels, was very manoeuvrable and easy to dismantle.

When we were choosing a pram for travelling with twins, we took into account not only the weight, size, and convenience of steering it. We were also concerned to make it possible for our kids to see everything around well while having an opportunity to rest and sleep in the pram anytime.

That’s why having considered all the options – the children sitting face to face, one behind the other, one under the other, etc – we settled on the classic type when children sit side by side, face forward, although these prams are very wide and it can be hard to walk with them in some places.

The pram turned out to be very convenient, so we could move around the city by tram without any trouble.

Furthermore, despite its lightness, it was very strong and managed to endure all our trips around beaches, stones, bumpy pavements, snow, rain, heat… for several years.

The Hofburg