Our departure from Cyprus. Part 1


Little by little, the boys were growing older, and we realized that we can get back to travelling around the world. Of course, we understood that we wouldn’t be able to travel as easily and freely as we used to before our children were born. Nevertheless, we longed to continue exploring the world. Nonrestrictive Parenting Our parenting style is a bit unusual. From the very beginning, we decided to avoid forbidding our children anything. We believe that children are our conscious partners. We can and should reach an agreement with them from early childhood on. We are always interested in what [...]

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Cypriot mentality


After our children were born, we settled in Cyprus and didn't leave it for as much as 18 months. During our living there, we managed to study the character, habits, lifestyle, and traditions of the islanders. Greek Cyprus is a country with its own unique values and customs greatly revered by the natives. Cypriots love to gather for holidays with their families. For example, it is customary to celebrate the first day of fasting in the open air, with tables bursting with food. But only lean food. Living enclosed on a small island affects the way locals think and [...]

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Northern Cyprus. Part 2


Northern Cyprus has quite a lot of landmarks that are definitely worth visiting. There are also a couple of places that will be interesting for those who want to study Cyprus far and wide. As for cities, the largest and most remarkable ones are Nicosia, Kyrenia, and Morphou.

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Northern Cyprus. Part 1


Northern (Turkish) Cyprus is an unrecognized state that takes up more than a third of the island. The island was divided into two parts in 1974. In a nutshell, the following happened: enosis (a pro-Greek movement supporting the idea of annexing Cyprus to Greece) got backed by Greek military units, so Greek troops landed on the island causing Turkey to send its troops to protect Turkish Cypriots. There was a short war that lasted less than a month and ended in creating a border between the northern and southern parts of the island. The border between two parts of one [...]

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Cypriot cuisine. Part 3


Almost all appetizers and sauces as well as the whole range of dishes of Cypriot cuisine are easy to taste all at once. You just need to go to a restaurant that offers good meze, a selection of small helpings of various dishes. “Good” meze is the one that consists of at least 20 dishes.

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Cypriot cuisine. Part 2


Souvlaki is a kebab from small pieces of meat (pork or chicken) that are, as a rule, cooked and served on wooden skewers. Souvlaki is one of the most popular traditional Cypriot recipes, and it can be tasted literally everywhere – from fast-food stalls to luxury fashionable restaurants.

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Cypriot cuisine. Part 1


Cypriot cuisine is a culture worthy of a separate description. Perhaps every country has its own one-of-a-kind traditional dishes that are cooked only there. In this regard, Cyprus is a unique mix of various dishes of completely different “nationality” that have become a part of one cultural heritage. Many dishes – slightly or significantly changed – were brought here from Greek, Turkish, Lebanese, and English cuisine. Constant changes of government on the island spurred multiple changes in gastronomic priorities and preferences. Halloumi One of the most famous Cypriot dishes popular among both tourists and locals is halloumi cheese. It’s a cheese [...]

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Troodos. Part 3


Waterfalls, Skiing, and Rural Food When in Cyprus, don’t miss the opportunity to go to waterfalls. They are just stunning and definitely worth seeing. The most famous ones are 15-metre (50-foot) Millomeris, splendid Caledonia, abundant Chantara. All of them are located quite high in the mountains, where plants - pinewoods, quaint bushes - grow with wild exuberance. To reach the waterfalls, you need to go along the mountain paths on foot which takes up about an hour. However, time passes rapidly thanks to the opportunity to savour the magnificent breath-taking mountain views with juicy grass, enormous boulders, and mountain brooks. We [...]

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Troodos. Part 2


The central part of Cyprus is covered with mountain ranges. The mountains are relatively low here. They have gentle slopes and are covered in coniferous forests. Between the mountains, in the hollows, there are picturesque valleys that are always full of fresh juicy grass and flowers. It’s summer here even in

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Troodos. Part 1


It’s impossible to talk about Cyprus as a cultural place whose civilization has an over ten-thousand history without mentioning its mountainous areas. These are the Troodos Mountains and their surroundings, which are situated between Limassol and Nicosia. Civilization, culture, spiritual life have always developed here better than in other regions, because only mountains could hide from numerous conquerors that terrorized the island through all its history. Cypriot Monasteries: Renowned and Unknown The most interesting monasteries on the island are hidden in the depth of mountains, and it’s often tough to reach them even by car. Just imagine how many resources, how [...]

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